Batman Incorporated #8


Damn it! i want to shake my fist in the air, shout curses upon curses to the sky in hopes that DC editors may hear them even as a whisper, i want to sit here and type angry words of negativity through my Macbook keyboard…..but alas, i cannot.

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The Legacy of Damian Wayne

Robin gliding

Grant Morrison was the reason i came back into collecting comics and now he finishes his almost decade long run on Batman and well, i anticipate a huge send off. Robin might die! It’s not an original idea but it’s been a while since Batman has lost a sidekick of great significance in the main continuity so if this is to happen again i got my tissues ready….. oh and this (sort of) eulogy……..

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Superior Spider-man #1-3 Review


So now that we are just about three issues into Superior Spider-man i thought it’d be the right time to drop my two quarters into this (because 2 cents in this economy aren’t much). I wasn’t  in love with the end of ASM#700 but i wasn’t angered by it either, in fact, i was intrigued!

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A Galaxy of Sound! – the Iconicity of Music and Sound In Star Wars



If film school has taught me anything on audio it is that an environment is given it’s mood by three things: Imagery, Lighting and MUSIC.

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Star Wars New 6 inch Toy Line!!



Before we start i want to make one thing clear: Regardless of the name of the line it is not our dream Lando Calrissian centric action figure line. Wow! we have come a long way since the old Kenner days haven’t we?. Continue reading “Star Wars New 6 inch Toy Line!!”