Star Wars New 6 inch Toy Line!!



Before we start i want to make one thing clear: Regardless of the name of the line it is not our dream Lando Calrissian centric action figure line. Wow! we have come a long way since the old Kenner days haven’t we?.

It seem’s good ol Hasbro has decided to surprise us with a brand spankin new line of Star Wars figures: 6 inch figures. My god! joy to the world!. I am excited over the news but it does warrant more thought than anything my initial feelings produced so here goes: I began collecting back in 2005 in full force. Revenge of the Sith found me  at the age of twelve a time where i could finally have the chance to splurge years of saved up allowances and money earned from occasional chores for neighbors. Since the beginning i was very selective about what i would buy, you see i was never a completist as i saw it very exhausting to collect every single variant, repaint and repack. I simply picked up what i felt i needed or wanted. I was limited to shopping around my neighborhood toy store and nearby shopping centers (one single Toys r Us) or how ever far my older brother decided he’d be so kind enough to take me. It took me months to find the elusive Red Clone Commander and it was the best feeling in the world to have something i had for so many months desperately searched for. Hard to believe that was eight years ago (or so).

Anyone who collects Star Wars has been in a roller coaster of a ride the last three years, We have seen the rise of some of the best work Hasbro has ever put out, Sculpts were fantastic with articulation to match and paint jobs were top notch in most cases. Yet the one kryptonite of the Vintage style line was distribution. I took it in stride as i didn’t mind waiting or even simply ordering online but for those who solely rely on retailers like my twelve year old self once did could not obtain the figures they desired most. 2013 swings in……. and we hear Droid Factory is cancelled 😦 so begins the dark times. Or so i thought, Hasbro has introduced us with a great looking line of 6 inch figures based on Star Wars. The Black Series (oddly titled) is a premium line of seemingly greatly detailed action figures in the 6 inch scale, it is something i have only dreamed about. The reaction online has been a bit mixed with many collectors worried that the 3 3/4th’s inch line will get phased out or that the new figures (8 a year) would not be worth their price point which stands at $19.99 retail (cept at Toys R Us where it will probably be the same price as a kidney off the black market). Yikes! $20 is a hard price to swallow given the times. I for one am excited and find these figures well worth it. The pictures of Luke have impressed me and if this line continues to dish out these levels of detail and articulation than yeah i am down for more. After all when i compare these to comic based DCUC or Marvel Legends figures i see a ton more detail in these Star Wars figs than the DC/Marvel ones. As always i plan to pick and choose so as to not break the spine off of my bank account or cripple my non existing life savings. I mean c’mon who wouldn’t love to see a six inch Boba Fett stand up against your 6 inch Batman, Deadpool or Spider-man??

Below you’ll find the link to an article on USA Today where you can see more photos and the press release info. It mentions that the Vintage line will be back under the Black Series banner but i wonder if that means vintage styled packaging will also follow suit or if we will see the 6 inch packaging on the 3 3/4th’s inch line. With the impending release of Episode VII, this new line from Hasbro, JJ Abrams behind the wheel i cannot recall a better time to be a Star Wars fan in recent history.

– Buzz

USA Today Article:


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