Lego Damian Wayne (Robin IV)


I wanted to share thoughts on Lego and a recent purchase you may like!

I have recently gotten back into Legos after years of limited or no interest. Lego is by far the most consistent company i’ve collected from. Their products pretty much make it to shelves on time, quality is almost always top notch, customer service is marvelous and their product itself is a source of endless enjoyment. With that said i do have one flaw for them: Their character choices for minifigures. I missed out on the 2006/2008 collection of Lego Batman sets(mainly because of Star Wars) and so therefore i have only recently jumped on board with the 2012 release of the new sets. While i love that you can get the Keaton style Batman in most of the 2012 sets it makes me feel as though the spot could have easily gone to a newer styled Batman instead of the same one over and over. the recent Arkham Asylum set has given us a hooded Robin who some have suggested is Damian Wayne but i know better! as his torso is clearly still the Tim Drake costume. Needless to say i tried to make my own. However recently i purchased a custom via Ebay from a really good seller. This custom has gone for quite a whopper of a price but i contacted the seller and she was more than reasonable in setting up a price because i was unable to keep track of the auction. Yes the figure was a bit pricey but i considered it worth it due to two things: 1. The costume design was damn accurate and 2. It is a printed (painted) design and so i don’t have to worry about any Decals rubbing off in time.

Front printing!
and some back printing as well!

The details are all there: the mask is right, torso design was right, the cape was a brilliant black on the inside and yellow on the back and even the boots were printed on. If there is any flaw i find it may be the color of the arms and legs as they tend to be black but i am willing to forgive that as they tend to appear grey in many daytime/well lit panels of the comic itself. Needless to say i am happy with my purchase and wanted to share my thoughts with you all. When compared to my own custom made with decals i got off the web, i believe this one thrives better.

Left (Printed Custom) Right (Decal Custom)

Lego collecting can be quite expensive for those minifigures and i tend to not purchase too many but for a favorite character sometimes there is no other way. Below you’ll find a link to this seller their customs are professionally printed and are pretty cool.



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