Superior Spider-man #1-3 Review


So now that we are just about three issues into Superior Spider-man i thought it’d be the right time to drop my two quarters into this (because 2 cents in this economy aren’t much). I wasn’t  in love with the end of ASM#700 but i wasn’t angered by it either, in fact, i was intrigued!

I will be honest with you; i dropped ASM from my comics reading list a long time ago and would only occasionally pick up an issue here and there. When Spider Island came to be i was told of how awesome the story was progressing and that i should pick it up, Eventually i did but not until months later. Enter ASM#700! yes i had to pick it up, why? well because it promised to bring soem shocking news with it and as a long time Spidey fan i felt it was my duty to do so. Spider Island to me was enjoyable but not enough to bring me back into the fold as an avid reader of ASM but nevertheless i was still shocked by #700’s ending.  So Superior Spider-man, yup……. initially i was stunned by the death of Peter Parker but just like the death in the ultimate universe i was willing to be blown away by what i hoped was great stories as are the Miles Morales stories fro USM (seriously it’s the only Ultimate book i bother reading). Superior Spider-man #1 was great. I never thought i’d enjoy a “freaky friday” esque story involving Dock Ock in Peter’s body but wow! i thought it was smart and witty and i found myself enjoying the struggle Otto had in keeping with his promise to Peter. The beat down of the new Sinister Six (to Otto’s disgust) was enjoyable as we get to see the new Spider-man apparently enjoy the attention he gets and many of the tactics he begins to employ seem like a very reasonable and efficient way to fight crime though it does differ quite a bit from Peter’s war on crime tactics. At first read it was a bit odd to get into Spider-man dialogue whe it is riddled with scientific lingo and words and phrases Peter would normally never recite. By the end i was amazed at the potential this story had and how many directions it could take as Otto really struggled to stay on the path of the hero. It seemed Ottos justified his ill thoughts and actions by way of his own twisted logic. I enjoyed the first issue until the final pages where it is revealed Peter is back……. as some sort of weird force ghost? that no one can see?. Honestly that was a bit of a let down as i had hoped Marvel would have the guts to let Peter stay dead for a longer period of time, it felt like a cop out, an intentionally built self destruct button if you will. Issue 2 came around at the end of January and further continued fleshing out Dock Ock’s character as he began to asses his priorities and it was nice to see his evolution from complete arrogant jerk to not so arrogant jerk who cares for Mary Jane’s safety. The moments where Ock places himself in Peter’s “shoes” so to speak via his memories i thought were a bit odd. After a brief scuffle with the Vulture’s thugs Otto breaks it off with Mary Jane much to Peter’s (as a ghost) shock. It seems Otto has come to understand that he should safeguard those close to Peter and he deems it illogical for him to have Mary Jane at his side while he crime fights. On an odd turn of events we see jolly old J Jonah Jameson accept Spider-man as not so much of a menace. Issue 3 was probably my favorite of the bunch. Otto confronts the Vulture and his goons (who turn out to be children) i found the conversation and fight between he and Vulture was very enjoyable as this is someone he has worked with and built a relationship with before as Dock Ock.

The realization that his sympathy towards Vulture from his villain day has been misguided comes when Otto realizes the small Vulture – Lings(?) turn out to be kids. This prompts him to recount his own abuse at the hands of his father, Peter also sees this An angry Otto fights Vulture over the city and finally knocks him down to the “Spidey light” installed by Jonah early in the issue. This brutal action is witnessed by Carlie Cooper who has begun to suspect something is off with Peter. The issue ends with Otto justifying his actions to Cooper who seems to remain horrified and may be convinced Peter has lost his way.

I’m enjoying this book a lot more than i thought i would but here’s the thing: It’s refreshing. We’ve gotten to see Peter with a functional life and it’s fitting for him to lose that right when he’s doing so well. Slott has given us the comfortable Peter and with this new conflict he shows us that “Parker luck” will never leave Peter for too long. This is what it’s all about Peter’s life is meant to be topsy turvy and i for one am enjoying this for as long as it runs.

Final Grade(s):

Superior Spider-man #1: 9.5/10

Superior Spider-man #2: 8/10

Superior Spider-man #3: 8/10

– Buzz


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