Batman Incorporated #9 – Review


So, We’re coming to the end now aren’t we? and i cannot wait to see what Grant Morrison has been planning all along. This is it! the beginning of the end for Morrison’s Batman epic. While I’m sad to see him go I can see this story is going out with a bang.

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Marvel is knocking it out of the park lately, with the release of Nova #1 the same week as Batman Inc #8, you’ll forgive me for giving this book a pass for a bit as i adjusted myself for the major changes at one of the big two. Marvel has now released Nova #2 and i have finally picked up both issues as i have been anticipating the release of this book for some time.

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Batman & Robin #18 – Review


I want to talk about this issue while it is still fresh on my mind. Damian Wayne is my favorite of the Robins in the Batman mythos. You see i grew up reading this character’s arc through my mid to late teens and today (at 20) i stand before you all to say this: I feel as though a friend has been lost to me…

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Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1 – Review


So while my favorite characters over at DC are making their exit from those comics; Marvel seems to have spiced things up by pushing for a fresh take on “Guardians of the Galaxy“. While i admit to being skeptical of just how well Guardians will perform at the box office i AM very glad to see one comics company really putting faith into their characters and pushing for fresh takes on lesser known heroes…

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Batman Li’l Gotham: Lighthearted fun goes a long way!

Lil Gotham - 1 DB
What’s not to like about this art?

Admit it! you too enjoyed browsing through picture books during mandated “reading time” in grade school, you know? instead of actually reading the damn thing you just guessed what happens based on the pictures. What i remember most fondly about my childhood is how noisy it was at first, the best things i ever did were enlarged in my mind as adventures with no boundaries, thrilling sequences of everlasting joy and wonder. This comic harkens back to all of that for me…

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When Fiction Makes Me Feel Real


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Injustice Gods Among Us!

The epic fight everyone has already determined int heir minds!
The epic fight everyone has already determined in their minds!

Have you ever wanted to pit your favorite DC characters in a blood filled, bone crushing death match? I did as a kid!. Ok, i know what you’re thinking “That’s one sadistic kid” yes, maybe but i was used to blood filled video games and movies…… hmm… ok maybe my childhood was a little messed up. Anyway…. Continue reading “Injustice Gods Among Us!”