Batman Li’l Gotham: Lighthearted fun goes a long way!

Lil Gotham - 1 DB
What’s not to like about this art?

Admit it! you too enjoyed browsing through picture books during mandated “reading time” in grade school, you know? instead of actually reading the damn thing you just guessed what happens based on the pictures. What i remember most fondly about my childhood is how noisy it was at first, the best things i ever did were enlarged in my mind as adventures with no boundaries, thrilling sequences of everlasting joy and wonder. This comic harkens back to all of that for me…

Cartoony silhouettes and caricatures of themselves, the inhabitants and heroes of Gotham are cast into adventures so ridiculous you’ll be intrigued, excited and find yourself giggling here and there from panel to panel. Upon swiping my fingers through the digital touch screen on my ipod, i found myself lingering over each panel carefully. You see there are not only  visual treats sometimes hidden in the panels of Lil Gotham

Katana and Damian? seriously where else will you get this?
Katana and Damian? seriously where else will you get this?

but the art is mesmerizing, water colors! they bleed, they are visually stunning and most importantly a stark contrast to the dark gritty shades of color seen in the pages of the regular Bat-books.  Originally centered on holiday themes exclusively, Li’l Gotham has now expanded to a bi monthly series which very much excites me.

To those of you who (like me) were quite bummed at some of the changes to continuity in the new52, you will be quite happy with the roster of characters seen in Li’l Gotham. No, Stephanie Brown is unfortunately nowhere to be seen, but we do get obscure characters seemingly wiped out from continuity here and there like the ever elusive Colin Wilkes, who teamed up with Damian against Zasz in the ever memorable Streets of Gotham.  Skepticism is to be expected when you’re hungry for a brooding Batman and instead you are recommended a lighthearted tale on the caped crusader’s life but trust me; it is very much worth your time. The Batman mythos are an ever expanding, ever evolving piece of mythology which thrives off of evolution, so to see this kid friendly take on Gotham as a very humorous and beautiful homage to the character’s legendary stories is amazing to say the least. Dustin Nguyen presents us with a fantastic world where continuity is

A li'l Stephanie Brown also goes a long way!
A li’l Stephanie Brown also goes a long way!

thrown out the window and you barely care as you have the time of your day from panel to panel. I hope this comic continues it’s trend of ignoring a strict New52 continuity setting and instead going all out for the sake of telling a great and fun story. Issue #7 is due out this sunday (March 10th) and i will be sure to begin a review session for as many issues as i can cover. I want to note one thing though: Given the recent death of Damian in the New52 continuity i have seen worries around forums and blogs about his appearance on this series, while i cannot say for certain what is to come from it, i can say that this series will certainly not be the same without little Damian Wayne as he is for the most part the heart and soul of many of the issues already released. This blog writer for one, wants to see Damian alive in some form and if DC decides to dismiss fans of the character in the main stories i would at least want this part of DC world to remain untouched by those events. So if you have not picked up these issues please do so, they are currently an online exclusive (Meaning Comixology and the DC app) in the digital format, however, we will be seeing these go to print eventually (May or April, i believe).  If you’re a Batman fan you owe it to yourself to give these suckers a read!.

– Buzz

How many Bat Family Members can you spot?
How many Bat-Family members can you spot?
How many Bat Family Members can you spot?

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