Marvel is knocking it out of the park lately, with the release of Nova #1 the same week as Batman Inc #8, you’ll forgive me for giving this book a pass for a bit as i adjusted myself for the major changes at one of the big two. Marvel has now released Nova #2 and i have finally picked up both issues as i have been anticipating the release of this book for some time.

This is not the first we see of Sam Alexander donning the Nova corp costume, nope, If you paid close attention we do see Nova flying down to earth to warn the Avengers of the Phoenix’s impending arrival in AVX last year. This however introduces us to Nova in a more proper way; his origin story.


NOVA2012002_COVSam Alexander is a 15 year old boy who lives a plain but complicated existence in fictional Carefree, Arizona. The ironic name serves to describe what should be Sam’s life; Carefree and with little responsibility but the name of the town is ironic in the sense that while Sam, his parents, and sister seem to live ordinary (yet semi complicated) lives, his father had not lived a life like his current one before. Sam does his father’s job in a way that foreshadows what is to come. A Custodian at Sam’s high school, Sam’s father was one a member of the new (seemingly) non existant Nova Corp. He would tell Sam and now his little sister of his space adventures with his old friends which included Rocket Raccoon and Gamora of Guardians of the Galaxy fame. Sam’s father disappears and an angry Sam chases after him, thinking his father had abandoned their family. Sam has an accident on his skateboard and is brought to an ER, when he awakens he finds out his father has yet to return. At night he is visited by Rocker Raccoon and Gamora and confronted with the truth about hif father’s history and how they need him to become the new Nova. Sam initially is frightened and runs out to get a nurse who finds nothing and puts him back to bed. As Sam leaves the hospital he puts on his father’s helmet and discovers the powers for himself. Sam’s mom appears to see the happenings from the window. Sam is testing out his powers as he unintentionally flies off into space and crashes into the Watcher; Uatu. The second issue ends here. 

While i was hesitant to pick up this book i now find myself with no regrets on my purchase. Not only is this nova-marvel-now-1-rocket-racoon-gamorastory a great read but also a smart way to introduce us to sam Alexander. While a lot can be said about it’s similarities to other young hero book’s origin stories, i can say that this feels fresh and comes at a time where we need a reminder of those old days in comics. It reads very much like Ultimate Spider-man and even feels like it at points and that’s what i love about this book; it takes me back to my early childhood picking up issue after issue of the Ultimate spidey comics.


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