Batman: Li’l Gotham #7,8 – Review

BLGSo the month of March has come to a close, and with it; two new issues of Li’l Gotham have graced us with holiday cheer. St Patrick’s Day and Easter are the subjects of issues 7 and 8 respectively and these issues certainly put a smile on my face for each of those days and reminds me how fun the world of comics can really be.

So I’ve written up on this book before and my opinion on it has been written here before, I love this book and these two issues proved exactly why. The “Digital Firsts” comic books have been kicking it out of the park recently. Injustice Gods Among Us has proven to be force to be reckoned with. However where as Injustice delivers us a heck of a dramatic story to set up a video game Li’l Gotham gives us the right dose of fun I need in a time period where i’m finding my comics quite a bit dark.

PLOT: Issue #7,

#7 deals with the caped Crusader capturing a string of  his normal enemies for crimes they (unbeknownst to him) didn’t commit. Though they all claim to be innocent, the evidence points to them committing the crimes. Bullock and Gordon initiate the investigation only to find more evidence that points to Gotham’s top villains to the crimes. Batman and his associates (Robin, Nightwing, Oracle, Katana) work to apprehend the big baddies of Gotham, upon their arrest all the crooks (starting with Catwoman) comment ont he spacious backseats of the Batmobile. This sparks a thought in me: how many rendition sof the great Batmobile have we seen to have backseats? It’s a humorous thought and I thoroughly enjoyed the absurdity of it all. Damian speculates that the true crook may in fact be a Leprechaun, a thought that Alfred seems to point out to Bruce. Bruce finally sees a “rainbow” on his computer formed by connecting the location spots of the various crimes. It turns out to be Riddler and so we see that it was a “little green man” committing these crimes. The issues ends with Batman leaving the Riddler to get beaten on by the wrongly accused villains.




Issue #8

This issue starts off in a most fun way. We see Damian playing a video game centered around Superman. His fun is interrupted by a message from the Mad Hatter, who threatens Gotham with a bombing. Batman and Robin confront the Hatter head on in his lair. They soon realize that the bomb is not with him but rather centered around the day’s festivities; Easter!. Robin heads to Gotham park as Batman handles the Mad Hatter and his thugs. At the park Damian attacks the Easter Bunny (Or a man dressed as one at least) only to find that he does not posses the bomb. After some thought he proceeds to snatch up the baskets of the children collecting eggs via the egg hunt event in the park. Batman fights off the thugs back at Hatter’s HQ, Mad Hatter manages to escape but nto before Bats lays a tracker on him. Back in Gotham park Damian is attacked as he reaches for the one egg that houses the bomb, it turns out the children are under mind control by the Mad Hatter. Finally! Damian manages to stop the bomb as we see Batman finally catch up to the Mad Hatter who is currently enjoying breakfast. He soon realizes that Robin was the chef and he has served him the time bomb egg. END. 



So while there isn;t much “meat” on these stories they do bring a ton of fun to the table. No other Batman comic will ever give you a scene where Robin goes on an Easter egg hunt nor will you see him playing video games in any other title. Lighthearted comics likes these take me back to my own childhood. It’s a great way to really escape the current “dark” tones of many comics today. More than that this truly feels like a love letter to Batman and the mythos that have been cemented in our minds. Issue #7’s quips on the Batmobile, little green men and the absurdity of it all really gave me an enjoyable experience. See quips alone do not drive me to love a book but an intelligent reference here and there does top the cake with icing for me. Issue #8’s Easter themed story is the best holiday centered issue so far. There is some concern online of what will become of this book once our holidays are over, well, it seems we are to find out soon as April doesn’t quite have any holidays celebrated on a grand level. However we have seen stories not set in holiday themes, particularly we can look back to issue #6 for a strictly non holiday themed issue. That story remains my favorite overall story, simple, straightforward and funny as heck. I do hope we get more of that from this book and truly hope it goes on for a while. Once again it’s great to see Damian alive and well here and it’s a plus that we get a book that pays great homage to Batman while providing some of the best lighthearted stories I have ever read.

FINAL GRADE: ISSUE #7: 9/10 ISSUE #8: 9/10




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