Batman Li’l Gotham #9 Review

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Okay, show of hands, who else shed some tears watching those brilliant Mr Fries episodes fromBatman: The animated series? I know I did. This issue hits me with wave upon wave of sweet nostalgia. Mr Fries is a character forever mocked by his live action portrayal but always redeemed by writers who truly understand what a great character he can be…..

Li’l Gotham delivers again this month. Only one issue was released this month, much to my dismay. Hopefully we won’t see this as a trend and are given the promised two issues a month from here on out. Once again this book is at the top of my favorites list for the month. I’d also like to note that this month has also marked the release of the first printed issue as well, collecting the first two issues of this fantastic series. I will be adding the print edition to my pull list now.


Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 12.24.29 AMMr Fries is shown prepping for his leave from Arkham. He has been given an all clear and is now ready to join the denizens of Gotham In a normal day to day life before he leaves a guard thanks him for his concern over his daughter. Fries rides the bus back to Gotham only to find it’s citizens in an odd happy state, he receives a warm welcome from many citizens and is now convinced that Gotham is the perfect place that his wife Nora deserves to live in. Fries begins to freeze Gotham in an attempt to preserve it for his wife who remains in suspended animation. This of course prompts a response of retaliation fromt eh Bat family as they begin to stop Fries’s plan. Fries is unsuccessful in freezing all of Gotham but he has frozen a considerable amount of the city. Batman and company wait for the sun to rise again to thaw out the frozen citizens. Nightwing, Robin, and Red Robin scour the city to see who they can help in thawing out. A funny scene between Damian and Nightwing occurs here as the young Wayne takes a lick out of a frozen child’s ice cream cone only to find himself stuck to the treat. Fries is then taken back to Arkham and is shown the bad side of Gotham once again. He sees Poison Ivy leaving now, Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 12.23.56 AMshe unfortunately is blamed for a sudden uprise in plant life on Gotham and is swiftly taken back into custody even though she had nothing to do with the crime.Fries sits alone in his cell, heartbroken over not being able to deliver Nora with the world she deserves, when suddenly the cop from the beginning of the story gives him a custom made card from his daughter over to Fries. The note thanks him for an ice horse gift Fries had apparently given to the girl soem time ago. He smiles as the issue ends.


Li’l Gotham continues to be the one gem in my monthly pull list that keeps on giving. This issue reminded me so much of those Fries episodes from the old animated series and well, nostalgia is a heart strings tugger. There isn;t too much to say about this issue as a whole as the story itself is short and straightforward. It’s a bummer that April did not give us two issues of this great book but i am really happy with the quality of this one that it makes up for the lack of a second issue. Lastly, please do purchase this bok in print format to show some love and support for this series. I am really enjoying this book and hope it continues for some time. Li’l Gotham has cemented itself as one of the best pieces of all ages fiction out now.


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– Buzz


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