Batman And Red Hood #20 Review


The grieving process continues this month as Bruce confronts Carrie Kelley for a second time and teams with good old Jason Todd in a vengeful payback session with bounty hunters. But is Bruce there for more than just paying a visit to bounty hunters?

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Batman Li’l Gotham #11 Review

Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 11.15.39 AM

So here comes the Mother’s Day issue of one of the best digital titles in some time. Given the recent happenings in the DCNU Continuity, i find this issue to be both heartwarming and sad when you’re done with it. Talia has not been such a warm and loving mother as of late and to be reminded of the love the character used to seem to be able to have is…… gut wrenching nostalgic?, I don’t know how to quite put it. Regardless, this issue might just be my favorite of the series so far.

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Batman Li’l Gotham #10 Review


Here comes the Mexican themed issue of Li’l Gotham. As a Mexican myself I’d be lying if I said Cinco de Mayo is the most important holiday in Mexican culture, but America seems to pay special attention to it. Like all the other fun issues in this book so far, this issue pokes fun at the current holiday and my god I love each and every Mexican themed cliché and reference here!

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