Batman Li’l Gotham #10 Review


Here comes the Mexican themed issue of Li’l Gotham. As a Mexican myself I’d be lying if I said Cinco de Mayo is the most important holiday in Mexican culture, but America seems to pay special attention to it. Like all the other fun issues in this book so far, this issue pokes fun at the current holiday and my god I love each and every Mexican themed cliché and reference here!

The best of both worlds always mesh in Li’l Gotham; Holiday fun and Gothamites. This issue is no different, it really needs no further praise than this: Batman characters + Mexican culture = Awesomeness!. It seems as though this book continues to be that little gem in a pile of utter confusion that DC seems to be today. The digital platform is a promising one, and certainly more so if they release more original content of this quality on it.



The plot here remains as simple as ever. Tim Drake, Damian, Katana, and Collin Wilkes are under cover, 20130508-230011.jpgtracking Bane so that they may bust him for his illegal activities. Batman has placed Nightwing in charge of their little group but unbeknownst to him, Dick Grayson is really on a date with Barbara Gordon. Collin beats Bane in a race which prompts the villain to challenge him to a fight back in his own lair. Back in the Batcave Batman, Huntress and the Red Hood face off in a match of scrabble!……. Yes you read right, no it wasn’t a typo at all, and oh man it feels good to type that. Colin faces off against Bane but they are interrupted when Damian begins a fight with one of Bane’s goons. The bat clan fights Bane’s thugs as Collin and Bane watch on from the ring. Bane breaks up the fight and they all enjoy a feast of…… yup, you might have guessed it by now: Tacos!. No mexican themed anything is complete without at the very least a reference to Tacos (or Tamales). Bane and his pals (along with Damian) overeat and are then left for the police to pick up by the bat clan. The issue ends with the gang finding out that they’re wheels have been stolen and must therefore take public transportation back home.

20130508-230101.jpg 20130508-230055.jpg


Well, what more is there to say really? I enjoyed this issue very much so. I must point out that Bane’s “macho talk” is very similar to the way actual Mexican men speak to each other among friends. I laughed at the way they used the word “mijo”(translates to son) which was perfect. Mr Nguyen must really have some first hand experience hearing Mexican slang used properly. Pay attention to the art, this is a title that my sister and I really enjoy and she has been able to track down more visual throwbacks in many panels than I have. It warrants a few rereads because of this. Streets of Gotham is inevitably referenced here (with Collin here it shouldn’t come as a surprise). Collin’s garage, Damian’s jacket, and the vehicles shown in the race are all throwbacks to Streets of Gotham. There are also a few other guest here that we have yet to see full issues with including Helena Wayne and Zatanna. Catwoman and Harley also make quick cameos which is always a plus as they are some of my favorite characters in any incarnation of the Batman mythos. Based off of recent interviews, and the fact that the print version of the comic has been pretty well received, I’d say this book is just beginning to show off it’s worth to the comics industry. I for one intend to follow this series till it’s very end.


– Buzz


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