Batman Li’l Gotham #11 Review

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So here comes the Mother’s Day issue of one of the best digital titles in some time. Given the recent happenings in the DCNU Continuity, i find this issue to be both heartwarming and sad when you’re done with it. Talia has not been such a warm and loving mother as of late and to be reminded of the love the character used to seem to be able to have is…… gut wrenching nostalgic?, I don’t know how to quite put it. Regardless, this issue might just be my favorite of the series so far.

DC’s New52 continuity may be lacking in the Damian department but that hasn’t stopped Dustin Nguyen from using Damian’s character to the fullest in this al ages book. As you all well know, this book has become my pick of the month, every month. It bleeds nostalgia of childhood wonder and a sense of fun in this fictional world that we take far too seriously some times. Grant Morrison once said that it is not kids who have a hard time distinguishing fiction from reality but rather it is adults. He was right, I see comic book fans argue over what makes sense and what should be more realistic when in reality none of it has to adhere to the rules of our own mundane world. These are comics!, they’re meant to be fun and here the fun is very much visible.


Damian meets with Collin, they briefly discuss Talia, Damian offers to help an obviously sad Collin find his tumblr_mn1o5dZ6iS1s3lceuo1_500birth mother. The two head on to the Batcave (after a humorous insight as to how the whole “blindfold the \
stranger till you arrive at the cave” procedure works.) and Collin is amazed at the items all around the cave, Damian shows off the cave itself and then Alfred appears who offers up to fix some grub. Damian uses the Bat Computer to track down leads on the identity of Collin’s mom. After a day of chasing down leads and turning up short of nothing they call it quits. Damian takes Collin back to the orphanage where he is greeted by the nuns, whom he acknowledges along with Damian as his true family. Damian is then randomly teleported into the watchtower where he is greeted with a hug from Talia, he is obviously suspicious but Batman calms him down as both he and Talia proclaim Damian to be the most important thing in their lives. Damian embraces his mother lovingly, back at the orphanage Collin is given remnants of his mother’s belongings. This includes a picture of he and his mother where she asks that they takes care of her son and love him always. THE END.



It’s a bit odd that this issue be released a week after Mother’s day but at least we got it.  The Colin/Damian team seems to be a favorite of Dustin, and quite frankly it works. Colin is after all envisioned originally by Dustin Nguyen in Streets Of Gotham. This marks the beginning of the end for the major holidays, we have fathers day and independence day on the horizon but I cannot think of any other holidays past that. I hope this series delves further than just exploring holidays and that we really get a full new universe here with new stories not specifically related to holidays. Only time will tell if this is the case. I feel that Lil Gotham gets really deep here in exploring the true meaning of family and the importance of feeling loved. In finality: It was a bit of a tearful moment to see Damian of this universe get the moment he’s always wanted; his parents together for a brief moment at peace. That moment alone is well worth the price of admission.



– Ivan


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