Batman Li’l Gotham #13

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June has no public holidays for Japan if I recall correctly, therefore I do believe it is safe to assume that this is the first issue in this series that is not tied down to a holiday. This month’s final issue seems to pay homage to a variety of hollywood blockbusters. All the fun, witty dialogue, and nice action sequences from your run of the mill hollywood action flick are here in pure fun Bat fashion.

Guillermo Del Torro’s Pacific Rim is due out soon in theaters, and this seems to be a nice little homage to that film more so than any other film I can think of at the moment, with some anime  references sprinkled in as well. Chibi is a word used often to describe the art style here in this book so it is a nice change of scenery to get a story based in Japan and outside of Gotham. I hope this is something that is done a little more often, I love Gotham but I would love the chance to see other settings in this art style and characters too, it was great to see Aquaman get some love here.

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Aquaman is attacked by giant sea monsters off the coast of Tokyo. He promptly calls Batman for help via fish line? (not sure what else to call it. Batman is solving puzzles of the Riddler’s and is quick to respond to his friend’s SOS. He calls upon Oracle, whom is currently at the Batcave to bring Robin (Damian) and a few pieces of tech to the Japan. Batman proceeds to the Watchtower where he beams Aquaman up as well. After a short and humorous exchange they both proceed out to Japan to confront this deadly force. Aquaman reveals that he cannot establish communication with the beasts (possibly due to an accent) and thus is investigating who may behind this. Robin and Oracle arrive at the scene and Robin is deployed (in a robot reminiscent of the 666 Batman costume) to fight off the giant beasts. Batman and Aquaman continue to investigate in the sea while Damian and soon enough Oracle hold off the creatures in their super robot suits. Aquaman and Batman eventually find a trio of underwater villains who have taken control of the beasts and confront them. The villains are all too soon defeated and then handed over to the Justice League. The issue ends with Damian surrounded by what appears to be Japanese fangirls.

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Overall I enjoyed this issue just as much as any other issue int his series. Every month around this time it’s great to unwind with a relaxing comic that enjoyes itself and isn’t too heavy on telling big epic tales. It’s the simple things that really get you sometimes. To anyone who reads my blog regularly it goes without saying that this continues to be one fo my favorite titles in some time. I believe it’s important to not forget the kid demographic and really push for high quality content that is aimed for the younger generations. It is often easy to forget that while we have great comics, the content in them may be too heavy for younger minds to handle and so something like this provides not just a great book for younger fans but one that older fans will enjoy as well. You know I find myself feeling like a kid again reading these, it’s a rush of nostalgia that is akin to the way I feel about watching an old episode of Batman The Animated Series. To Mr Derek Fridolfs, Dustin Ngyuen and the entire team behind this title I continue to thank you!


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– Ivan


6 thoughts on “Batman Li’l Gotham #13”

    1. Ah, good to know. The story itself doesn’t seem to reference Children’s day unfortunately which would have made a pretty good story. Thanks for the update though, and for checking out my article.

      1. Yes indeed, though I’m happy to see that they’re willing to venture past the usual holiday theme. My biggest fear for this title was that it would end when no more Holidays were left.

  1. Most of the stories will revolve around holidays or events on the calendar. Whether celebrated in the United States or elsewhere. Father’s Day was our previous holiday for the month of June, in the states. For our second June story, we decided to have it during the “month of water” in Japan. And with a little bit of a search, you’d be surprised how many holidays and events (popular or lesser known) are in each month on the calendar. We won’t be running out of ideas anytime soon.

    1. That’s great to hear!, it’s good to know that foreign holidays will get their time in the sun here, I guess that takes my worries to rest, thanks. I’m always impressed with what comes out of this book every month.

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