Injustice Gods Among Us Overview


Okay, it’s been a while now since release and I’m still loving this game. So it did something right, right?. I’ll be honest I didn’t care much for the story but the fact that I can play a game where Batman and Superman can dish it out is somewhat of an amazing concept to me! This game could have ended hours of childhood debates on wether the man of steel could take down _____ character from the DC Universe or Vice Versa.

Ok so you guys remember Mortal Kombat vs DC? No? Yeah I try to forget that ever happened too but you know what I remember vividly? How amazing it was to have the feeling that an arcade style fighter featuring DC heroes was almost here. Flash forward to today and any DC fan would appreciate the efforts made by Ed Boon and company to give us what I say is arguably the best superhero fighting game ever.

It’s been quite a wait but Netherealm has finally delivered us the beast of a fighting game they had promised. Ok, So, I have played this game routinely for a little over a month now and have enjoyed the DLC content as well (not all the skins packs though). Recently gamers have been a bit annoyed at Ed Boon for putting Scorpion of MK fame as one of 4 promised DLC characters rather than anyone else int he vast sea of DC Comics characters. While I agree that it would have been much better to put all DC heroes here, I can’t help but feel that some fans are just a little too whiny about a game that has otherwise been so DC heavy, I have seen some even swear off the game for good simply because of this addition which is quite frankly ridiculously stupid in my opinion. Ok so let’s get in to my thoughts on this game as a whole:


Ok, not much to say here but this: If you’ve played Mortal Kombat, Tekken, or any other fighting game with simple combos and movesets than this layout is not alien speak. The controls are simple, combos are easier to pull off than some of Mortal Kombat’s and the super moves seem to be just as easy to remember as they all seem to be similar to each other with a slight variation to the buttons.  I know hardcore gamers will like a challenge and so did Netherealm so you can easily switch the layout to fit your style which is a nice addition here. Often in today’s time i find myself with little time to sit down and play and so I have enjoyed the simplicity as it gives me that “pick up and play” feel that I need after a long day of work.

Not a huge fan of the Costumes though...
Not a huge fan of the Costumes though…


So, nowadays games require a story to keep things fresh for gamers who have become so used to these overarching storylines where you become invested in the digital character you play on-screen. Injustice is no different, the story here tries it;s best to be epic but let’s face it; fighting games are the exception in the whole “great stories make great games” deal. The premise is basically this: In an alternate DCU The Joker has killed a pregnant Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and nuked Metropolis all in one day (Jeez) Superman then kills Joker and thus becomes a slave to “killing” and justifying it by telling himself he keeps Earth safe this way. The Batman of that universe then forms a resistance to Superman’s Regime, and after years of unending conflict calls upon the Justice League of the normal DCU to help them take out the Regime. Like I said nothing to write home about. The story reminds me very much so of the old Justice Lords episode form the animated series only here it is done in a more gory way.



Selection is what makes or breaks a fighting game in my opinion, here the effort is made in full force to give us unique characters and it works really well. Nightwing feels like Nightwing and not a carbon copy of Batman, in fact many of the characters feel unique enough to get a different experience playing as them. There are a few odd character choices : Killer Frost, Bane, Harley Quinn and there are a few too many Batman characters here that we don’t really need. Joker is fine but Harley? seriously? what about Poison Ivy? many Bat villains and glaring omissions on the hero side like Robin (Damian or Tim would do well). Batgirl has been added via DLC but I feel that Damian or Tim in the Robin persona would have fit in rather well here. We do get a Damian Nightwing but I would have rather had Robin here to have a Batman vs Robin or Nightwing vs Robin round. Aside from that Neatherealm really went out of their way to make this a great game. The voice over work is fantastic, there are “clashes” or moments where tow characters collide in an epic explosion of weird awesomeness and every character says something different, there is even banter between key characters like Nightwing and Batman, and others. Get this: I realized that when I played as Damian Nightwing I would hear him grumble or insult his enemy under his breath as is customary of the character, on occasion you may also hear other characters have dialogue that impresses you and shows that Ed Boon and company really are familiar with the DCU. Lastly the DLC, it has been a cumbersome thing, on one hand I enjoyed a lot of the selections but some feel a bit forced. I love Scorpion from the MK universe but here I’d rather have Robin or another DCU character and Zod feels forced to be there for the sake of the recent Man Of Steel film. There are rumors of a second season pass with Martian Manhunter, Red Hood and possibly more. My hopes are for Robin, Starfire, Darkseid, and Zatanna. Regardless, I am happy with this game overall and wanted to share my thoughts on it with you all. I hope the roster keeps expanding a little more to fill in some gaps and I do also hope to see a sequel sometime in the future.


– Ivan


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