Batman Li’l Gotham #17 Review

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What happens when Batman is out of town? Absolute shenanigans is the answer. It’s nearly the end of summer, and so we close it by getting yet another neat chapter of Li’l Gotham.

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Batman Incorporated #13 Review

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And so it ends! … In a rather disappointing issue. Lets be honest here: no ending would have perfectly ended Grant Morrison’s run, but this… It leaves me a bit sad to see him go, not just because he’s literally done with Batman but because the man seemed to have thrown in the towel in the end. What we seem to have here is a rushed ending with little resolved and much more questions than we have answers to.

Batman Li’l Gotham #16 Review

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We’re coming close to October, meaning that we are only a short while away from one full year of this title. Between this, the recently added digital titles and the impending stories in the main continuity; there is enough content here to satisfy any fan. Question is – what’s worth your time and money? – well, lets start with this title for the time being.

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