Batman Li’l Gotham #16 Review

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We’re coming close to October, meaning that we are only a short while away from one full year of this title. Between this, the recently added digital titles and the impending stories in the main continuity; there is enough content here to satisfy any fan. Question is – what’s worth your time and money? – well, lets start with this title for the time being.

Batman comes home with a messed up costume. Alfred suggests and pushes him into taking a vacation. Bruce (Yes Bruce, not the Bat) reluctantly goes off to the scheduled vacation, with a twist of course! Selina Kyle joins him. Bruce and Selina find a map to what they assume us treasure which the. Leads to them being captured by pirates. The joker and Harley happen to also have been captured and so the group are put to walk the plank. Bruce jumps down into the water and calls upon his bag suit which in Ironman fashion attaches itself to him. Batman. Rises from the ocean and the group fight off the pirates. Joker winds up blowing up the ship stranding himself and Harley in an island as Bruce and Selina make their way back to their resort spot. The issue ends with Joker and Harley stuck on the island and Bruce spending the rest of his vacation with Selina.

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This was a fun issue, no real vacation to celebrate, just having fun in another great team up like story. It’s a little bit of a surprise to see this issue come right after the recent Batman and Catwoman, they both made for a great team up story and reminds us how great these two can interact. The fun of Li’l Gotham continues to shine on here. There really isn’t much to say here aside from just appreciating the little boss here and there to KnightFall, and over stories. The panel with Bruce remembering his recovery from a broken spine from Bane was fantastic. The small note in Spanglish from Bane was a funny little addition there. It’s moments like those that cement this series as a great one in my mind. The preview shot for the next issue is an obvious homage to the old Animated Series and was great to see. I’ve gotta say that I look forward to the next issue quite a bit. I hope it’s a callback of sorts to the great Paul Dini/Bruce Timm series.

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