Batman Incorporated #13 Review

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And so it ends! … In a rather disappointing issue. Lets be honest here: no ending would have perfectly ended Grant Morrison’s run, but this… It leaves me a bit sad to see him go, not just because he’s literally done with Batman but because the man seemed to have thrown in the towel in the end. What we seem to have here is a rushed ending with little resolved and much more questions than we have answers to.


Gordon arrives at the manor to find Bruce and Alfred by what seems to be two graves, Damian s grave and one other. Gordon interrogates Bruce and explains to him that Gotham’s current state is the result of his support of Batman. photo 4 (3)Bruce begins to tell Gordon of what has gone on in his life and why exactly the events that transpired are his to blame on. We the. Flashback to what happened: Talia duels with Batman in the cave as Batman INC and SPYRAL take down the Orroborro bomb and the agents of Leviathan. Talia challenges Bruce to kiss her and he does, the fight goes on until their swords clash one last time and blades break. Talia slashes Batman with poisoned blades and he falls, near death Jason Todd rushes in to save Batman by offering the trigger to the bomb over to Talia in exchange for an antidote to the poison. Batman is saved and Talia finds that the trigger no longer works as the bomb has been destroyed by Batman Inc. She photo 3 (4)is the. Shot by the leader of SPYRAL, Kathy Kane. Talia dies and Kane warns Bruce not to try and find her. We flash back to current time where Gordon informs Bruce that someone posted bail and the charges have been mysteriously dropped due to an unknown party. Bruce tells Gordon that Batman may be dead to which Gordon responds that he probably isn’t. Bruce resolves to bring his company back from the brink of ruin and focus on that instead of Batman Inc. Alfred takes Bruce home but informs him of a disturbance, Damian and Talia’s graves are empty back at the manor and their bodies have disappeared. Bruce accepts that his fight will never end, no matter what may happen Batman will always be back new and ready to go on. Elsewhere Ras Al Ghul is angry at Batman, he is revealed to have control of the league again and pumps blood out of Lord Deathman to get more Lazarus blood. He the. Reveals to have clones of Damian ready to be reborn and he plans on using then to get revenge on Batman for the death of his daughter and grandson.


There is much to say here. First of all I’m glad we got the ending we got, but on the other hand I’m also disappointed by it. See I like that Grant has left DC with a way to bring back Damian but this seems like the rest of the issue here is photo 2 (4)a “forget this! I’m out!” sort of ending. The ending was rushed, we don’t get any closure on the side of what exactly SPYRAL is and why Kathy Kane is there, nor do we see any sort of real progression from Batman. From what i gather that was the point; to leave Batman back in square one Robin-less, without a major group. Just Batman, a cave and Alfred. Morrison tried and got really close to adding a little light into Batman’s world and to leave him in darkness and say that this is what he’ll always be seems like a cop out to me. Killing Damian was a horrible mistake in my opinion, even if this was his original intention; to kill the kid, Grant must have realized that this character had grown into a much larger role than what he was made for. We shape our own destinies after all, it is not far fetched to say that these character becomes their own person on the pages of these books. Grant’s run has been great, which begs the question as to why exactly this ending seemed far too rushed. Was he not pleased? or did he do his best to “bend the knee” to his fans after the reaction Damian’s death? we may never know. I don’t want this to be misread, I love this story; it’s fun, exciting and epic in various levels but the end just really took a nose dive. Jason saving Batman pretty much broke what basic storytelling calls for; for the hero to make those pivotal actions. The moment the hero is saved by another character in the brink of the conflict is when you get a weak hero. Batman has been many things in Morrison’s run and weak is not one of those things. My main gripe though has to be with leaving us with a potential Ras Al Ghul revenge story and not bothering to stick around and write that. Another writer may choose to ignore it and so we might not get closure on that either. Had Damian lived he would have stood as a beacon and reminder that Grant Morrison had once written the Batman, but now all is back and place almost as if Morrison never wrote anything into continuity. Wether the decision was Morrison’s or DC’s (I’m betting it was the latter) to not progress Batman and instead take him back to full bleakness no longer matters here. The damage is done, this was truly a disappointing ending to what has otherwise been a wonderful and memorable run.

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– Ivan


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