Batman Li’l Gotham #17 Review

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What happens when Batman is out of town? Absolute shenanigans is the answer. It’s nearly the end of summer, and so we close it by getting yet another neat chapter of Li’l Gotham.

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While Bruce is off with Selena as seen in the last issue, Robin and the rest of the Bat-Family are left to tend to Gotham. Hawk and Dove bicker atop a Gotham building before they find themselves beamed into the “Robin cave”. We soon find out it was Damian and the rest of the robins who have called many of DC’s heroes over to Gotham for an assignment. Damian claims to have been left in charge with Batman out of Gotham. Together, the heroes head out to solve a missing jewels case, jewels have been disappearing and being stolen all over the city, initially it was suspected to be Catwoman but as is known; she is off on vacation with Bruce as per the previous issue. It seems the villains of Gotham are gathering for the Penguin’s birthday and so, many of the stolen jewels were brought for him. The heroes infiltrate the party and a fight ensues. The heroes are successful in stopping the villain’s grand scheme. In the end Bruce and Selina return to the cave and spot Damian napping just as Selina complains of the short length of their vacation.

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This was a continuation of the previous issue and it really complimented it well. The nice nods and cameos are very cool here. Heroes like Zatanna, Huntress, Hawk, Dove, and of course Abuse are a fun little addition. I do have to point out that I was a little disappointed that this didn’t the. Into an all Robins team up as that’s something I’ve eagerly awaited from this title. But I still really enjoyed this issue. There really isn’t much else to say but more praise. The art continues to be great and the writing is smart with some nice nods to fans here and there. Currently, this is the digital comic I most look forward to every month; why? Well because it provides me with a book I can share to up and coming readers without worrying about handing them material with far too adult oriented themes.


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– Ivan


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