Batman Li’l Gotham #18 Review

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Some of my favorite Batman stories have come out of the head of a Mr. Paul Dini, from The Animated Series to his run Detective, I’ve enjoyed a ton of Paul Dini’s work and any throw back to those awesome stories is a welcome rush of nostalgia. And so here we are again for the first time this month we have our new installment of Li’l Gotham and yes, it continues to be wonderfully nostalgic.

There are a handful of things that no matter how old I get, I’ve got to stop for a minute when I recall them. Pokemon, Batman The Animated Series, Power Rangers, Spider-Man TAS, and of course any comic I read as a child. But that’s nostalgia for you, great sweet nostalgia. Lets get on with this then, shall we?

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Jenny Duffy, the Carpenter wishes to have the day off but frequent calls to her workplace prevent her from having her holiday break. Calls from Harley Quinn, Penguin, Two Face, Croc, Mad Hatter and more of gotham a Rogues intervene on her plans to build her dog a house. She eventually puts her phone on direct to voicemail status for the remainder of the day. But not before receiving calls from non Gotham exclusive villains like Lobo, Deesad and Lex Luthor. By the end of the night she had not completed her dogs doghouse and worse of all she was out of gigs as Batman threw all of the Gotham rogues back to Arkham. She complains to him about it just as he receives a call from Alfred. Damian had run the Cave’s T-Rex and Bat Bots o. A rampage and the cave was now a mess. Something Alfred was not willing to fix by himself. Batman hires Jenny much to her delight but soon shows her that she has to be knocked out before entering the cave.

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I liked this issue’s direction in subject of story. It was fun to have a story of Jenny told for a change. It’s a testament to how great this concept can be when applied to characters other than the bat family members. Though I will say that a little more Batman and Robin wouldn’t hurt. The cameos continue to amaze me. I was not expecting Darkseid, Luthor, or even Hush. Last issues Deathstroke cameo almost went unnoticed to me until my sister pointed it out. Seriously, it’s really awesome to see other characters in this style. Would it be too much to ask DC Collectibles for some figurines? Maybe a statue? I’m really loving this style of art and how great would it be to get the cover art of issue 15 (the comic con cover) in statue form? It’d be killer. On another note, I was once again able to spread some more copies of this book last week. As part of a small end of summer event at a community event, I got to briefly talk to some kids about my work on TV/Film and exactly what happens behind the scenes (got to see the “what if” route of teaching, having chosen to pursue Film/TV production work as opposed to a teaching degree). I had a bulk of issue one copies and so I decided to hand them out at the event for any kid who wanted them. It was pretty cool, and I was glad to see them have some fun with a stylized Batman story. Lastly I have to say that a lot of my hopes for this title are slowly coming forth and being realized and that is really something. Now if only we could get that all Robins adventure, and maybe a Stephanie Brown story? … If the forces that be would allow it of course.

– Ivan


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