Batman Li’l Gotham #24 The End

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And so it ends. It ends not exclusively with great sadness but on a happy note, and on an occasion quite fitting for the normally holiday themed series. This issue marks the end of Li’l Gotham and while I’m really bummed to see it go; I hold hope that it may one day return. If not, The stories we have now will live on for years to come regardless. What this series accomplished is nothing short of amazing, an all ages book with a timeless tone, and whisks of nostalgia, fun, creativity, and lessons to be cherished for many years. In an era of ever seemingly increasing violence and a lack of good old fashioned comics for kids this book defied the norm and held it’s ground in a league all of it’s own.

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I’ll keep it short, because I want you to read it, I want you to see the best goodbye issue that could ever have been possible here. As Christmas Eve falls upon Gotham, Alfred and Damian reminisce on past occasions while the Batman races around town doing some good deeds. We get a glimpse at the Graysons, Jason Todd, The Gordons, Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown (gasp) all through the album of family pictures kept by our dear old Butler.In the end Damian passes out into sleep from Alfred’s tales of the past. Bruce arrives and thanks Alfred for taking care of the now sleeping Damian, a picture is taken of Bruce carrying Damian off to bed. The issue ends with our Gotham heroes enjoying Christmas day at play, and Bruce tucks in a sleeping Alfred, thanking him for his service.

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To be frank this was the best way to end this series. It almost feels like the end of a great T.V. show run. Despite your expectations you are satisfied with the end, yet feel a hint of sadness that certain things were never quite done. I’m glad Stephanie Brown was shown, that this final chapter centered on Damian, who was at the very core heart of this book, and that it ends on one of the happiest of times of the year (normally). I tried my best to cover most of the issues here on this site, but i failed to do every single one justice. This book will be something i will definitely look back on and touch upon in the future. The many references to the other Bat-worlds made this book a sweet, sweet gem for me. While the digital run concludes here we still have the print issues to look forward to until #12. And so it is with great sadness, but also great warmth that I say farewell to Batman Li’l Gotham and it’s wonderful, colorful world of amazement and childhood awe. There are many reasons I can think of to continue the book, though I think DC has made it very clear that the newly announced Batman: Eternal is going to be a big focus for them moving forward. And with that I can imagine the talents of Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs will be needed there to lend their creative geniuses to the new weekly title set to release in April 2014. Initially, I only planned to get this book so that I may still read something with Damian still alive as a main character, however, as i delved deeper and deeper into the world of Li’l Gotham I began to see how great it was to have something of this caliber and audience out on the digital and physical shelves. I still hand out physical copies of this book, and it is even included in all my presents to all the kids I give presents to this Christmas day… why? because I once was a young boy entranced by the wonders of comics and the characters that dwelled in the many stories that I read. Somewhere out there is another child just one reading session away from becoming a fan of comics the way i once did. This book provides just that; A gateway to a bigger world of heroism and adventures that spawn a lifetime of imagination… and it is all one book away… and so I will continue to pass this story along to those who-like me-seek out a good time in a fantastic world. To Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs, and all the staff that made Batman Li’l Gotham possible, I thank you deeply. Happy Holidays.


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– Ivan


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