Since it’s announcement back in the summer of 2013, I have awaited for a glimpse of this film. I -initially- was taken a bit aback by the voice of choice for Damian, however after a little time to really let it sink in I’m happy with it. Animated debuts are of importance for DC characters as they tend to really push a character into the spotlight or can also be a hint as to where this character will be taken in other aspects of the DC company plan and so I eagerly awaited to see this trailer for Son of Batman because oh man, I”ve not been too pleased with the way the character has been treated recently in the comics(i.e his death and lackluster miniseries).

For the most part I am really liking what I see here and am glad to see that this isn’t going to be just a straight adaptation of Grant Morrison’s introduction of Damian. No, in fact this seems to only borrow the main conflict int he story; a Father coming to terms with his son.. I suspect throwing Deathstroke into the mix is DC’s way of pumping him up as well, after all he is getting grade-A villain status on the CW’s Arrow and so his popularity and fan base is exploding right now. Stuart Allen fits Damian quite nicely and while I initially did not know what to think of his portrayal I have started to love the few scenes released so far. He is a child after all, and here his portrayal does not seem to be the unbearable brat he was portrayed to be initially in Morrison’s introductory story. Jason O’Marra is no Kevin Conroy but he is getting there and his portrayal of the Dark Knight is not bad at all. The story indicates that Damian will be seeking to save his mother from Deathstroke as well as avenge his grandfather (Ras Al Ghul)’s death. The casting of Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring from Breaking Bad anyone?) as Ras tells me one crucial thing: Ras Al Ghul will no doubt be playing a bigger role than we’re lead to believe…. I mean c’mon why cast Giancarlo, someone well known for great villain roles just to kill him off minutes into the film? regardless, I look forward to seeing what DC animated can bring to us this May. And i am glad to see Damian alive and well in DC’s thoughts. Check out the trailer below!

– Ivan


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