Star Wars Black Series Stormtrooper Review


MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU!….Hasbro continues to blow me away with every new wave of it’s The Black Series 6 Inch figure line. The Stormtrooper, here, hails from the third wave of this new and exciting series of figures. Theres nothing new about a Stormtrooper action figure, there have been many before, but never have we had one in scale with Marvel Legends and DC Universe Classics figures in “6” inch glory. But, aside from that little cool factor… What else does it have?

We can’t all be satisfied… can we? While I had previously seen backlash towards Hasbro on even planning the 6 inch line prior to its release, That cannot be the case now-here-today. I have yet to see a negative review for this guy anywhere on the web (cept on Amazon, but that’s due to the ridiculous price, mostly) and that little fact alone should be reason enough to at least look it’s way.


The articulation on this guy is outstanding. He’s got the joints where they really count and then some. Not only do you get ball joints at the all too common hips, head/neck and shoulders but also on the wrists, making it much easier to pose him holding his traditional blaster as well as the more elusive rifle (not seen in the films from what I can tell). What I do see many people complaining a bit about is the fact that he’s simply a slightly retooled version of wave 1’s Sandtrooper. I for one did not pick up any of wave 1 so it is not something of a detractor for me, but, I can see why it’s a bit of a bother for some people. To be quite honest though, those complaints can be summed up by simple nitpicking and nothing major else, really.


The Sculpt here is phenomenal. While many will groan that this seems to be a simple reuse of the Wave 1 Sandtrooper, I, myself, have not owned one to have such an issue. Every little detail you could possibly want upon first inspection is there, from the blue lines on his helmet to the wrinkles in the underlying black jumpsuit, this Stormtrooper jumps off the screen of A New Hope and it is fantastic!



Unlike his smaller counterpart, this Stormtrooper’s blaster actually fits in the provided holster on his belt! yes, I know that seems like a redundant little thing but to me it means a ton. As with the Boba Fett in this series… there is a lot to appreciate about the scenarios that are now fully able to come to life here… Stormtroopers vs Spider-man, anyone?. I’ve seen this guy -Just like Boba- go for gold and an arm/leg on the secondary market but fear not my friends. Please do not pay the absurd prices on ebay, or other vendors. A simple search or keeping a bookmark on Amazon may help get one close to retail (I’m the lucky owner of three retail bought troops) but if that doesn’t help you may be pleased to learn that wave 4 will reship these guys along with Boba in order to replace the (now delayed) Chewbacca. So fear not, as I firmly believe he will be widely available soon enough. Pick it up whenever you get the chance to, don’t pass this guy up (especially if seen at retail).

– Ivan



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