DC Club Infinite Earths Damian Wayne Figure

Father and Son shot

Ok, so its been a little while since i posted up anything. THIS is the best possible way i know how to make a come back to regular postings. I managed to snag Mattel’s upcoming Damian Wayne action figure. Originally intended to be released as part of their Batman Unlimited line, this figure was instead added to Mattel’s final Club Infinite Earths wave as their subscription program for 2014 was unable to come into fruition. So how does this figure stack up when comparing it to past DC Universe Classics figures? Hit the jump to find out!

The Story: 

So basically… I managed to get my hands on an advanced sample of this guy via the web and yes, i may have paid more than justified for it… i am an impatient fellow it seems, but i have yet to regret my decision here. Mattel’s DC Universe Classics line or “DCUC” for short was a focal point of my collecting habits since its inception back in 2008. While my habits did not involve collecting full waves, i did cherry pick my favorites and on occasion would complete an entire wave if the “Build-a-figure” of the wave was of interest to me (i.e Metallo, Bane, Darkseid) so needless to say crazy spending was never too far off for me. DCUC came at a time when Toybiz’s Marvel Legends had left a gaping hole in my collectors’ heart and i had an itching for great DC figures in the 6′ scale. Now, the word Classics in the DCUC name suggests exactly what it means; classic iteration of favorite characters were the focal point of the line’s earlier waves. So imagine my surprise when i began to see more recent iteration of characters in wave 2 and up. Batman, Tim Drake Robin, Nightwing, Joker, all great characters with fantastic figures were among my favorites from the early years of the line… but never did i ever think i would be able to own a DCUC style Damian Wayne as sculpted by the ever awesome Four Horsemen (of apocalypse?).


The Sculpt: 

Ever the money savers, Mattel reuses quite a few parts for Damian, i believe, primarily, the Beast Boy buck. However we do get some new sculpted parts, among them; that perfect head sculpt which perfectly captures Damian’s confident look and smugness, new gauntlets, a new belt piece, classic Damian boots, and that cape with folded up hood. There is more than enough new to not feel like a rehash. While this figure was first seen almost two years ago at the NYTF, he doesn’t seem to be changed all too much from prototype to final figure. He did get upgraded hands that now allow him to hold accessories as opposed to the previously seen closed fists, he can perfectly hold his custom red Batarang (Robin-a-rang, Wing-a-ding?… I don’t know).The gauntlets, boots, and cape really make this figure pop and stand out amongst previous Robin figures as these components are very Damian exclusive, but the highlight for me here, in this department, has got to be that amazing face sculpt.




This is an action figure… right? therefore you expect a certain high level of joint movement, and you do get exactly that… though not to the same great extent as some of the later DCUC offerings unfortunately. In total i can count 19-20 points of articulation (depending on how you count each point) including; Ball jointed head (works more like a swivel), Ball jointed shoulders, swivel biceps, singles hinged elbows, swivel wrists, ab crunch, swivel waist, DCUC style hips (outward and side to side motion), swivels on the tope of the knee, hinged knees, and hinged ankles. I would have loved to see a less restricted head joint, some double joints at the knees and elbows, and maybe even some ankle pivots… but alas we are here!. Nevertheless, the articulation this guy packs is enough to satisfy, and a ton more than the current DC Direct version (c’mon DC Collectibles make another one already!).

Action shot-1


He’s very much in close scale to the more recent New 52 Batman (please see below) and is honestly a lot less “buff” in person, which was one of my fears when i first saw the prototype years back. He is nicely sized and should fit in quite well with other DCUC. I for one am very happy to add him to my collection and can breathe a sigh of relief now, knowing that my DCUC collection is for the most part where i want it to be.

Batman and Son

This guy is set to be available either some time in the Fall or perhaps in December, he is literally set to be the final monthly figure offering from MattyCollector, and he is really one of the best Robin figures in any line to date. I would wait and hold off on purchase until his official release at that time… unless you’re a lunatic like me and absolutely must have this NOW!. DCUC and (from my understanding) this particular style of figure is coming to a definitive end soon. The Four Horsemen goodness that was this line will be no more, and by the looks of Mattel’s current retail offerings, will be replaced by less articulated stylized figures that don’t seem to be really collector friendly. It is indeed a sad era for toy collecting, though i hope some day we will see another DC collector oriented line such as this, until then i bid DCUC farewell… it has been one heck of a run (though plagued with issues) and i for one am happy we even got the figures we did. With that said, a Damian Wayne in this style is very, very, very much appreciated. Thanks for that Mattel!… RIP DCUC.

action shot-2

– Ivan


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