Goodbye Glenn Webb

Glenn Webb


When i was 13 years old I stumbled upon the forums. It became one of the greatest discoveries of my pre-adult life…. a forum, a community, a safe haven… one where I could share my opinions and get insights on toy collecting my beloved hobby. Here I am ten years later, an adult, still collecting action figures and yet still a very active member of a lot of these communities dedicated to sharing their love and insights into the world of action figures. During all this time i’ve watched the collecting community gain voices through Youtube reviewers, unexpectedly some of my favorite content on the web. We lost a good one this past weekend folks! and it was more than enough to get me wanting to write this down… after a long hiatus

It must have been around 4 years ago or so that I had accidentally stumbled upon one of Glenn’s videos on Youtube. I remember having searched all around for more reviews on a figure that memory does not allow me to recall at this moment. There was a video of a contest for ACBA…. It must have been a little while back but this was my first time I saw any kind of Glenn Webb video on the Tube. I made an ultimately sad attempt at entering their contest but it did not work out in my favor. I immediately subscribed to Glenn’s channel and went back to view some of his earlier content (which was not too much at that time). Over time Glenn expanded out his videos and their quality began to get better and better.

If you ever wanted to watch an informative review of an action figure and yet still be super entertained he was the guy to watch. His death stunned me and while I personally did not know Glenn I do know how kind and important he was, a genuine pillar among the collecting community. His death has reminded me how precious life can be and It has also given me the push I’ve really needed to post on here again.

In many ways Glenn was the Louis CK of action figure reviewers on Youtube and his presence, charisma, charm, wit and utterly amazing humor is something I will miss forever and he leaves behind a hole in my subscriptions feed that will likely not be filled for a long time. Glenn is one of very few people on my sub feed on Youtube that I can in all honesty say I looked forward to each and every one of his videos. He was a guy whos passion was contagious and who wasn’t just another reviewer he was an entertainer of a very high standard. I followed his exploits and growth on Youtube for years and even listened in to his Podcast with Craig Warrack despite its short run. This past week Glenn passed away in his sleep. Thats about all I or any other one of his subscribers know and thats enough for us to know. Glenn… wherever you are buddy, I hope you’re doing well and I sincerely hope to see you next time, in your eternal words “Mmmmmm…bye”

Glenn Webb 2

-Ivan C

If you’d like to look back at hours of genuine fun entertainment please check out his channel:

If you can find it in your heart to help his family in these trying times please consider donating to his GoFundMe set up by his friends and family:


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