Injustice Gods Among Us Overview


Okay, it’s been a while now since release and I’m still loving this game. So it did something right, right?. I’ll be honest I didn’t care much for the story but the fact that I can play a game where Batman and Superman can dish it out is somewhat of an amazing concept to me! This game could have ended hours of childhood debates on wether the man of steel could take down _____ character from the DC Universe or Vice Versa.

Ok so you guys remember Mortal Kombat vs DC? No? Yeah I try to forget that ever happened too but you know what I remember vividly? How amazing it was to have the feeling that an arcade style fighter featuring DC heroes was almost here. Flash forward to today and any DC fan would appreciate the efforts made by Ed Boon and company to give us what I say is arguably the best superhero fighting game ever.

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Injustice Gods Among Us!

The epic fight everyone has already determined int heir minds!
The epic fight everyone has already determined in their minds!

Have you ever wanted to pit your favorite DC characters in a blood filled, bone crushing death match? I did as a kid!. Ok, i know what you’re thinking “That’s one sadistic kid” yes, maybe but i was used to blood filled video games and movies…… hmm… ok maybe my childhood was a little messed up. Anyway…. Continue reading “Injustice Gods Among Us!”