DC Club Infinite Earths Damian Wayne Figure

Father and Son shot

Ok, so its been a little while since i posted up anything. THIS is the best possible way i know how to make a come back to regular postings. I managed to snag Mattel’s upcoming Damian Wayne action figure. Originally intended to be released as part of their Batman Unlimited line, this figure was instead added to Mattel’s final Club Infinite Earths wave as their subscription program for 2014 was unable to come into fruition. So how does this figure stack up when comparing it to past DC Universe Classics figures? Hit the jump to find out!

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Son of Batman


Ok, so physical release on DVD/Blu-Ray has been out for some time, it seems it is safe for me to finally review this film now, especially given it’s leak online pre Wondercon, Wondercon premiere. First!, i must fess up, i downloaded this the day it leaked…. yeah, pirating is bad, and as someone who works in the entertainment field i get how awful that can be-however- as soon as Itunes had it i went ahead and bought the full on HD copy (especially for the extras, i’m a sucker for that type of content). I do, also plan on getting the physical copy, why? because i’m a nut that is why!. Ok, with that out of the way i must say this film is overall… enjoyable…

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Batman Li’l Gotham #15 Review

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Ok, let me just start by saying that I absolutely love this cover, any homage to the classic Batman #9 cover is a very welcome piece for me. SDCC is coming to a close today, and this book marks a great way to send off the con visitors and remind us In a simple child like manner; why it is we love the characters we do. In a way this is an homage to fandom and also to the various interpretations of heroes out there. In the end we have a great little story here that continues to be a breath of fresh air from the swarm of serious monthlies we are accustomed to.

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Batman & Batgirl #21 Review


Here is the bargaining stage!…… and it’s a little underwhelming if I’m honest. The art is a awesome in this issue but even so I do miss Patrick Gleason here, I am a strong believer in the philosophy that comics are not complete without great artwork and when Pat is missing from an issue there is always a part of me that seems a bit distracted by the change during my read.

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Batman Li’l Gotham #12

photo 5

Fathers Day may be a week away but that does not stop this holiday themed issue of Li’l Gotham from delivering some always welcome fun. So, anyone ever wonder how a family dinner with the Al Ghuls could go? or perhaps you’ve had the thought of Batman and the Robins cooking in the kitchen? well then, this is an issue not to be missed. Also, stick around in the overview for a brief personal story that made my week last Wednesday.

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Batman Li’l Gotham #11 Review

Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 11.15.39 AM

So here comes the Mother’s Day issue of one of the best digital titles in some time. Given the recent happenings in the DCNU Continuity, i find this issue to be both heartwarming and sad when you’re done with it. Talia has not been such a warm and loving mother as of late and to be reminded of the love the character used to seem to be able to have is…… gut wrenching nostalgic?, I don’t know how to quite put it. Regardless, this issue might just be my favorite of the series so far.

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Batman & Red Robin #19 Review


So here it is the first non Damian inclusive issue in Tomasi and Gleason’s epic run. And somehow, someway I am a bit underwhelmed. Look don’t get me wrong I liked the story well enough to warrant a purchase but there are some things here that are worth breaking apart….

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