Batman Incorporated #9 – Review


So, We’re coming to the end now aren’t we? and i cannot wait to see what Grant Morrison has been planning all along. This is it! the beginning of the end for Morrison’s Batman epic. While I’m sad to see him go I can see this story is going out with a bang.

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Batman & Robin #18 – Review


I want to talk about this issue while it is still fresh on my mind. Damian Wayne is my favorite of the Robins in the Batman mythos. You see i grew up reading this character’s arc through my mid to late teens and today (at 20) i stand before you all to say this: I feel as though a friend has been lost to me…

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When Fiction Makes Me Feel Real


So last week was a tough week for me as a fan of entertainment. So much had happened by Wednesday and by Saturday night i felt odd, sad, empty and eerily happy…. Continue reading “When Fiction Makes Me Feel Real”

Batman Incorporated #8


Damn it! i want to shake my fist in the air, shout curses upon curses to the sky in hopes that DC editors may hear them even as a whisper, i want to sit here and type angry words of negativity through my Macbook keyboard…..but alas, i cannot.

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The Legacy of Damian Wayne

Robin gliding

Grant Morrison was the reason i came back into collecting comics and now he finishes his almost decade long run on Batman and well, i anticipate a huge send off. Robin might die! It’s not an original idea but it’s been a while since Batman has lost a sidekick of great significance in the main continuity so if this is to happen again i got my tissues ready….. oh and this (sort of) eulogy……..

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