Batman Li’l Gotham #24 The End

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And so it ends. It ends not exclusively with great sadness but on a happy note, and on an occasion quite fitting for the normally holiday themed series. This issue marks the end of Li’l Gotham and while I’m really bummed to see it go; I hold hope that it may one day return. If not, The stories we have now will live on for years to come regardless. What this series accomplished is nothing short of amazing, an all ages book with a timeless tone, and whisks of nostalgia, fun, creativity, and lessons to be cherished for many years. In an era of ever seemingly increasing violence and a lack of good old fashioned comics for kids this book defied the norm and held it’s ground in a league all of it’s own.

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Batman Li’l Gotham #20 & #21 – Review

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It’s Halloween! and I cannot think of a better way to celebrate than to review the wonderful combination of the spirit of this great holiday and one of my favorite characters: The Batman. It’s been a little while since i wrote one of these up but I thought this was the best occasion to finally release my thoughts on these two issues.

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Batman Li’l Gotham #15 Review

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Ok, let me just start by saying that I absolutely love this cover, any homage to the classic Batman #9 cover is a very welcome piece for me. SDCC is coming to a close today, and this book marks a great way to send off the con visitors and remind us In a simple child like manner; why it is we love the characters we do. In a way this is an homage to fandom and also to the various interpretations of heroes out there. In the end we have a great little story here that continues to be a breath of fresh air from the swarm of serious monthlies we are accustomed to.

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Batman Li’l Gotham #14 Review

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The fourth of July themed issue of Li’l Gotham is here. This makes 14 issues into this series and I personally could not be more satisfied with the bunch we have out now. I’ve sung my praise for this book quite a bit in the past but it is all well deserved. The 4th may have come and gone but this does not dimmer the brightness of the firework’s this issue has to offer.

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Batman Li’l Gotham #13

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June has no public holidays for Japan if I recall correctly, therefore I do believe it is safe to assume that this is the first issue in this series that is not tied down to a holiday. This month’s final issue seems to pay homage to a variety of hollywood blockbusters. All the fun, witty dialogue, and nice action sequences from your run of the mill hollywood action flick are here in pure fun Bat fashion.

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Batman Li’l Gotham #12

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Fathers Day may be a week away but that does not stop this holiday themed issue of Li’l Gotham from delivering some always welcome fun. So, anyone ever wonder how a family dinner with the Al Ghuls could go? or perhaps you’ve had the thought of Batman and the Robins cooking in the kitchen? well then, this is an issue not to be missed. Also, stick around in the overview for a brief personal story that made my week last Wednesday.

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