Goodbye Glenn Webb

Glenn Webb


When i was 13 years old I stumbled upon the forums. It became one of the greatest discoveries of my pre-adult life…. a forum, a community, a safe haven… one where I could share my opinions and get insights on toy collecting my beloved hobby. Here I am ten years later, an adult, still collecting action figures and yet still a very active member of a lot of these communities dedicated to sharing their love and insights into the world of action figures. During all this time i’ve watched the collecting community gain voices through Youtube reviewers, unexpectedly some of my favorite content on the web. We lost a good one this past weekend folks! and it was more than enough to get me wanting to write this down… after a long hiatus

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Batman: Li’l Gotham #7,8 – Review

BLGSo the month of March has come to a close, and with it; two new issues of Li’l Gotham have graced us with holiday cheer. St Patrick’s Day and Easter are the subjects of issues 7 and 8 respectively and these issues certainly put a smile on my face for each of those days and reminds me how fun the world of comics can really be.

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Batman Incorporated #9 – Review


So, We’re coming to the end now aren’t we? and i cannot wait to see what Grant Morrison has been planning all along. This is it! the beginning of the end for Morrison’s Batman epic. While I’m sad to see him go I can see this story is going out with a bang.

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Batman Incorporated #8


Damn it! i want to shake my fist in the air, shout curses upon curses to the sky in hopes that DC editors may hear them even as a whisper, i want to sit here and type angry words of negativity through my Macbook keyboard…..but alas, i cannot.

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Superior Spider-man #1-3 Review


So now that we are just about three issues into Superior Spider-man i thought it’d be the right time to drop my two quarters into this (because 2 cents in this economy aren’t much). I wasn’t  in love with the end of ASM#700 but i wasn’t angered by it either, in fact, i was intrigued!

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Batman & Robin Annual #1 review



Damian Wayne, the initially irritating and somewhat douchey son of Bruce Wayne has rapidly become my favorite of the Robins. Batman and Robin Annual #1 dropped this week and i will not lie, it was an issue i have been eagerly anticipating. I got back into comic books around the time of Grant Morrison’s run on Batman and Robin and oh my geezus! was i surprised at how much i really liked Damian as Robin. Continue reading “Batman & Robin Annual #1 review”