Goodbye Glenn Webb

Glenn Webb


When i was 13 years old I stumbled upon the forums. It became one of the greatest discoveries of my pre-adult life…. a forum, a community, a safe haven… one where I could share my opinions and get insights on toy collecting my beloved hobby. Here I am ten years later, an adult, still collecting action figures and yet still a very active member of a lot of these communities dedicated to sharing their love and insights into the world of action figures. During all this time i’ve watched the collecting community gain voices through Youtube reviewers, unexpectedly some of my favorite content on the web. We lost a good one this past weekend folks! and it was more than enough to get me wanting to write this down… after a long hiatus

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Batman Li’l Gotham #18 Review

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Some of my favorite Batman stories have come out of the head of a Mr. Paul Dini, from The Animated Series to his run Detective, I’ve enjoyed a ton of Paul Dini’s work and any throw back to those awesome stories is a welcome rush of nostalgia. And so here we are again for the first time this month we have our new installment of Li’l Gotham and yes, it continues to be wonderfully nostalgic.

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Batman Incorporated #13 Review

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And so it ends! … In a rather disappointing issue. Lets be honest here: no ending would have perfectly ended Grant Morrison’s run, but this… It leaves me a bit sad to see him go, not just because he’s literally done with Batman but because the man seemed to have thrown in the towel in the end. What we seem to have here is a rushed ending with little resolved and much more questions than we have answers to.

Batman Li’l Gotham #16 Review

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We’re coming close to October, meaning that we are only a short while away from one full year of this title. Between this, the recently added digital titles and the impending stories in the main continuity; there is enough content here to satisfy any fan. Question is – what’s worth your time and money? – well, lets start with this title for the time being.

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Injustice Gods Among Us Overview


Okay, it’s been a while now since release and I’m still loving this game. So it did something right, right?. I’ll be honest I didn’t care much for the story but the fact that I can play a game where Batman and Superman can dish it out is somewhat of an amazing concept to me! This game could have ended hours of childhood debates on wether the man of steel could take down _____ character from the DC Universe or Vice Versa.

Ok so you guys remember Mortal Kombat vs DC? No? Yeah I try to forget that ever happened too but you know what I remember vividly? How amazing it was to have the feeling that an arcade style fighter featuring DC heroes was almost here. Flash forward to today and any DC fan would appreciate the efforts made by Ed Boon and company to give us what I say is arguably the best superhero fighting game ever.

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Batman Li’l Gotham #12

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Fathers Day may be a week away but that does not stop this holiday themed issue of Li’l Gotham from delivering some always welcome fun. So, anyone ever wonder how a family dinner with the Al Ghuls could go? or perhaps you’ve had the thought of Batman and the Robins cooking in the kitchen? well then, this is an issue not to be missed. Also, stick around in the overview for a brief personal story that made my week last Wednesday.

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Batman Li’l Gotham #10 Review


Here comes the Mexican themed issue of Li’l Gotham. As a Mexican myself I’d be lying if I said Cinco de Mayo is the most important holiday in Mexican culture, but America seems to pay special attention to it. Like all the other fun issues in this book so far, this issue pokes fun at the current holiday and my god I love each and every Mexican themed cliché and reference here!

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