DC Club Infinite Earths Damian Wayne Figure

Father and Son shot

Ok, so its been a little while since i posted up anything. THIS is the best possible way i know how to make a come back to regular postings. I managed to snag Mattel’s upcoming Damian Wayne action figure. Originally intended to be released as part of their Batman Unlimited line, this figure was instead added to Mattel’s final Club Infinite Earths wave as their subscription program for 2014 was unable to come into fruition. So how does this figure stack up when comparing it to past DC Universe Classics figures? Hit the jump to find out!

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Batman Incorporated #13 Review

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And so it ends! … In a rather disappointing issue. Lets be honest here: no ending would have perfectly ended Grant Morrison’s run, but this… It leaves me a bit sad to see him go, not just because he’s literally done with Batman but because the man seemed to have thrown in the towel in the end. What we seem to have here is a rushed ending with little resolved and much more questions than we have answers to.

Batman Incorporated #12 Review


Ok, so here we go into the belly of the beast so to speak. Grant Morrison’s run is at an end and I have not been more excited for any other run’s end. I must say however that this issue brought many things to a speeding close and others who have not yet been shown an end for seem to have little room in the next issue for a proper send off. With Chris Burnham’s issue #11 back in May we got a stand alone story in an awkward place and time,  as a result a story which seemed to be dragging a bit now seems to be coming to a speeding halt.

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Batman Incorporated #10 Review


Grant Morrison’s big epic starts an epic wrap up here. Boy have the stakes never been higher in any other Batman stories of recent memory. It seems like along with the Batman and Red Robin issue this month, the Bat titles are truly the few “WTF” certified worthy covers. Not only do both books reveal an absurd notion but they also deliver on making it believable within the context of the story. Who will survive the man or the bat?…….

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Batman Incorporated #9 – Review


So, We’re coming to the end now aren’t we? and i cannot wait to see what Grant Morrison has been planning all along. This is it! the beginning of the end for Morrison’s Batman epic. While I’m sad to see him go I can see this story is going out with a bang.

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Batman & Robin #18 – Review


I want to talk about this issue while it is still fresh on my mind. Damian Wayne is my favorite of the Robins in the Batman mythos. You see i grew up reading this character’s arc through my mid to late teens and today (at 20) i stand before you all to say this: I feel as though a friend has been lost to me…

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When Fiction Makes Me Feel Real


So last week was a tough week for me as a fan of entertainment. So much had happened by Wednesday and by Saturday night i felt odd, sad, empty and eerily happy…. Continue reading “When Fiction Makes Me Feel Real”