Batman and Nightwing #23 – Review

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Well, I think I can safely say this is one of the best issues of any book from DC this year. I have to admit though, it took some time for me to really get excited about this book again. This issue seems to hit the right notes at the right times for me, especially on the role that Alfred plays. A lot of my complaints on this book post Damian’s death have been about it’s seemingly loss of direction. With Batman Inc ended, I believe this book can get back on track and truly serve up the story it’s been waiting to tell for the last six months or so.

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Batman And Red Hood #20 Review


The grieving process continues this month as Bruce confronts Carrie Kelley for a second time and teams with good old Jason Todd in a vengeful payback session with bounty hunters. But is Bruce there for more than just paying a visit to bounty hunters?

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Batman & Red Robin #19 Review


So here it is the first non Damian inclusive issue in Tomasi and Gleason’s epic run. And somehow, someway I am a bit underwhelmed. Look don’t get me wrong I liked the story well enough to warrant a purchase but there are some things here that are worth breaking apart….

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JUNIOR! & JL8: Why comics owe everything to the fans!


So, it’s been a little over a month since Damian Wayne was killed over in the pages of the mainstream DC Comics. Fan response for the most part has been an enjoyable thing to watch. I myself have already written my feelings on the subject and while I eagerly await the ending of Batman Inc. It’s a damn shame that what is in my opinion one of DC’s best creations of the past decade, is no more. Fans have gone on an emotional roller coaster the likes of which I haven’t seen in some time. Reactions range from those who no longer want another child Robin because of this, to those who are having a hard time coming to terms with the inevitability of another Robin showing up soon. Some fans however, are turning their passion for this character into something enjoyable, it’s great to see that a piece of fiction has inspired people to create their own stories and share them with a community that is eager to see a favorite character again…..

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Batman & Robin #18 – Review


I want to talk about this issue while it is still fresh on my mind. Damian Wayne is my favorite of the Robins in the Batman mythos. You see i grew up reading this character’s arc through my mid to late teens and today (at 20) i stand before you all to say this: I feel as though a friend has been lost to me…

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